Televic ICC5/2 | skjermet CAT5e nettverkskabel, 2m

Fabrikant: Televic
LydRommet SKU: 326-00120
Fabrikantens SKU: 71.60.4002
Anders Nannestad
Tlf: 23 23 28 11
Mob: 91 74 82 31
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Televic D-MIC 40 | svanehalsmikrofon, 40 cm

Get a reliable gooseneck microphone that guarantees a warm and crisp sound. Make sure you are heard with absolute clarity.

Televic D-Cerno CUR sentralstasjon med webserver, opptak

The D-Cerno CUR is the heart that powers small to mid-sized meetings. The technology inside D-Cerno is based on the same processing principles found in Televic’s flagship, high-end products but streamlined & optimized for its marketing segment: entry-level discussion systems.

Televic D-Cerno C SL | møtelederstasjon, uten svanehals

D-Cerno C SL gives participants clear and crisp digital sound in a sleek and compact form factor. Tactile buttons and braille indicators ensure users have maximum comfort and a led bar shows the microphone status (red: speaking, green: request). Shielded microphones prevent mobile phone interference. With headphone connections and a convenient volume control, participants get full control. Cable connections are concealed for a neat look.