Sennheiser HD 300 PRO | Hifi stereo hodetelefon, lukket, lineær frekvensrespons, 64ohm

Capable of locating everything. Reproducing every detail. Staying precise when it comes to both fine subtleties and maximum sound pressure levels: the newly developed acoustic system in the HD 300 PRO enables neutral, delicate sound reproduction. The high level of wearing comfort and efficient ambient noise attenuation ensure that nothing will disrupt your concentration.
Fabrikant: Sennheiser
LydRommet SKU: 650-01724
Fabrikantens SKU: 508288
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Sennheiser HMD 300 PRO | Headset, dynamisk mik, supernyre, active guard, 64 ohm, kabel med XLR/jack

The HMD 300 PRO supports professionals involved in broadcasting with several smart solutions. Its pressure-sensitive design offers outstanding wearing comfort even during extended sessions. The speech and sound quality are of just as professional a standard as the hearing protection facilitated by switchable ActiveGard. Together with its effective passive ambient noise attenuation and proven structure borne noise decoupling, the HMD 300 PRO offers substantially more performance than you would expect at that price.
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