Artikkelnummer: AMX-NMX-VCC-1000-WM

AMX Wall Mount for Sereno Camera

Sereno™ Camera Wall Mount

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Kjetil Pettersen

Kjetil Pettersen


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The NMX-VCC-1000-WM Sereno camera wall mount (FG3211-11) allows the Sereno camera to be mounted to a variety of surfaces. Once the mount is installed, the Sereno camera is easily attached to it via integrated strong rare earth magnets. The magnets also enable the base to be attached to metallic surfaces without permanent fasteners and will support the weight of the Sereno video camera.

The Sereno wall mount kit includes the following items:

  • Magnetic wall mount which houses two rare earth magnets
  • Two #8 counter-sunk screws to permanently attach the base to a wall
  • Two plastic wall anchors for sheet rock installations

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