Artikkelnummer: AMX-HPX-U100-2BTN

AMX HydraPort 2-Button Keypad Modul

HydraPort® 2-Button Keypad Module

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Kjetil Pettersen

Kjetil Pettersen


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The HPX-U100-2BTN HydraPort 2-Button Keypad Module with LEDs is a HydraPort module with two buttons that enable users to switch to a specific device when pressed. The optional button inserts (FG554-08) are color coded to match similarly colored tags that clip onto the end of the cable where it plugs into the device, making it easy to identify which button selects which device. The buttons illuminate when a specific device is active, making it easy to determine which device's content is being shown on the display at any given time.

Each HPX-U100-2BTN includes 2 buttons and takes only 1 HydraPort unit. Multiple modules can be stacked to accommodate a large number of devices. Each module comes with a set of colored button labels and matching tags.

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