Artikkelnummer: TEL-LINGUA-CHC

Televic Lingua CHC | ladestsajon for opp til 64 stk R6/R12

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Anders Nannestad

Anders Nannestad


  • Avdeling Forhandlere | Installasjon
  • Telefon 23 23 28 11
  • Mobil 91 74 82 31
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The Lingua Charging Case can charge up to 64 Lingua infrared receivers at once. In just 2 hours, all receivers are fully charged.

The case has been designed for frequent use and safe transportation. It is built from durable, rugged materials and has several handles. As a result, it is easy and comfortable to move around. Finally, the cases may easily be stacked on top of one another.


  • Room for 64 receivers (includes status LED)
  • Rapid charging
  • Sturdy case for safe transport
  • Onboard webserver
  • Possibility to cascade Lingua CHC (via network and power)
  • Easy updates of Lingua CHC and Lingua Receivers
  • Factory reset button
  • Lingua CHC status LED

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