Artikkelnummer: TEL-CONFIDEA-T-CV

Televic Confidea T CV møtelederstasjon | votering

Make your conference experience easy to install and simple to use with great discussion and secure voting. Hear participants better through the speaker’s distributed sound field and get heard by using a great gooseneck microphone. And cast your vote with confidence.

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Anders Nannestad

Anders Nannestad


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In a nutshell
Make installation easy with Confidea T-CV: a simple CAT 5 e cable is all you need. And since units automatically connect, you save time in setting up, too. Use the microphone button to talk and enjoy great, natural sound from the speakers or use the 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones. Without any mobile phone interference. When it’s time to cast your vote, easily identify & authenticate with an RFID card. Securely confirm your voting choice and even see the results on the unit. As a chairperson, you stay in control with dedicated Next-in-line & Priority buttons. You can even open and close the voting on the unit and control the overall system volume.

Be up and running quickly and easily, from installation to use
Get discussion with great sound from integrated speakers
Choose from 3 voting options
Identify yourself easily with an RFID card slot
Control the meeting with a Next-in-line & Priority button
Start and stop voting on the unit
Control the general system volume
Experience microphones that eliminate mobile phone interference