Artikkelnummer: TEL-CONFIDEA-F-DV

Televic Confidea F DV flush mount delegatstasjon | votering

Create a minimalist conference experience with a discussion panel with an integrated speaker, and voting option. Hear and be heard better. And cast your vote with confidence.

Anders Nannestad

Anders Nannestad


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  • Telefon 23 23 28 11
  • Mobil 91 74 82 31
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In a nutshell
You don’t need a separate sound system to enjoy great sound in a conference room. Simply use the integrated Confidea F-DV speakers to better understand participants. Or use the 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones. When it’s time to cast your vote, easily identify & authenticate with an RFID card. And use tactile buttons to securely confirm your choice.

Get discussion with great sound from integrated speakers
Choose from 5 voting option buttons
Identify yourself easily with an RFID card slot
Integrate with minimal impact on the furniture & room
Customize colors, shapes, screening, and more.