Artikkelnummer: TEL-CONFIDEA-F-DIV

Televic Confidea F DIV flush mount delegatstasjon | tolkespråk og votering

Create a minimalist conference experience with all functions at your fingertips. Hear and be heard better, cast your vote with confidence, and choose from to up to 64 interpretation channels.

Anders Nannestad

Anders Nannestad


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In a nutshell
You don’t need a separate sound system to enjoy great sound in a conference room. Simply use the integrated Confidea F-DIV speakers to better understand participants. Or use the 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones. When it’s time to cast your vote, easily identify & authenticate with an RFID card. Use tactile buttons to securely confirm your choice. And with a channel selector you can choose from up to 64 channels of simultaneous interpretation.

Get discussion with great sound from integrated speakers
Choose from 5 voting option buttons
Identify yourself easily with an RFID card slot
Cycle between up to 64 interpretation channels with a display and volume controls
Integrate with minimal impact on the furniture & room
Customize colors, shapes, screening, and more.