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Listen LR4200 | IR mottaker

The LR-4200-IR receiver from Listen Technologies offers outstanding audio clarity and quality with the best range and reception in its class.

Listen LR4200 | IR mottaker inkl nakkeslynge og øretelefon

The LR-4200-IR-P1 receiver package makes it easy to order all the components you need to provide visitors, customers, and clients with an exceptional listening experience.

Listen LR5200 | IR mottaker med kanalvelger

Listen Technologies’ LR-5200-IR receiver—one of the receivers in the next-gen Intelligent Digital Signal Processing (iDSP) line—gives assistive listening users an option for high-performance audio in a compact device that offers best-in-class pickup and range.

Listen LR5200 | IR mottaker med kanalvelger inkl nakkeslynge og øretelefon

Complete with IR receiver, integrated neck loop/lanyard, and a universal ear speaker, the LR-5200-IR-P1 package offers a quick and convenient way to order the equipment you need to expand your IR assistive listening system.