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Lumens CamConnect Pro

AI-Box1 CamConnect Processor

Lumens CL511 | 300x total zoom takmonterbart dokumentkamera, 4K

Lumens CL511 can be suspended from, or embedded into the ceiling. It provides presenters an unobstructed top view of a table top, podium, or demonstration area. The camera can shoot documents or objects larger than A0 size (over 88" x 48" / 2.2m x 1.2m) at up to 4K resolution.

Lumens DC 136 | 4K USB camera

With a 13-megapixel Sony sensor, DC136 is a professional-quality visualizer which produces bright images and vivid colors. It supports capture and live reproduction at resolutions up-to 4K. Able to visualize the finest detail and even fast action, DC136 is great for use in education and training.

Lumens DC F80 | 30x Zoom, 4K, USB & HDMI

The DC-F80 Ladibug™ document camera comes with impressive 4K 30fps image resolution quality with 30x total zoom.

Lumens DC W80 | 30x Zoom, 4K, USB, HDMI, WI-FI

The DC-W80 Ladibug™ document camera comes with unbeatable 4K 30fps image quality with 30x total zoom

Lumens DC125 | 8x Zoom, 1080p, USB 2.0

The DC125 high-definition document camera is operated with only one USB cable connected to a computer, this extremely simple connection is enough to enable interactive presentations.

Lumens DC193 | 20x Zoom, 1080p, USB 2.0

The DC193 document camera has 20x zoom capability and a professional image sensor to deliver vivid colors at Full HD, 1080p output resolution with 30 fps

Lumens DC-F20 | HD/2K USB document camera

The foldable and lightweight design makes DC-F20 very easy to carry. A portable demonstration tool, it's perfect for teachers and business professionals.

Lumens LC100 | CaptureVision System 2TB HDD

2CH HD Recorder and Streaming Media Processor

Lumens LC100N | CaptureVsion system NDI / HX + 2TB HDD

2-Channel Recorder and Streaming Media Processor with HD NDI®|HX support

Lumens LC-RC01E | Betjeningspanel for LC-200 media prosessor

Lumens LC-RC01 remote control panel, a wall plate for the LC200 to control the live streaming, recording, and video file saving options.
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