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Sennheiser BA 2015 | Battery pack, NiMh, for components of the SK G4 series and 2000 series

The BA 2015 rechargeable battery pack powers bodypack transmitters and receivers of the evolution wireless G3 100, 300 and 500 Series, 2000 Series, Tourguide SK 2020-D and EK 1039.

Sennheiser CHG 2 | Ladestasjon med 2 plasser for SK/SKM D1, SK/SKM AVX, SL DW, BA 10, BA 30

2-bay table top charger with power supply for the evolution wireless D1 series and SpeechLine. The CHG 2 charger makes battery management for two batteries really easy.

Sennheiser CHG 2W | Ladestasjon med 2 plasser for SL Tablestand

The CHG 2W is a wireless power transmitter. It provides convenient wireless charging.

Sennheiser CHG 4N | Ladestasjon med 4 plasser for SL Handheld og SL Bodypack

The CHG 4N is a network enabled charger featuring four indiviual charging bays.

Sennheiser L6000 | ladestasjon for opptil 4 x LM6060/LM6061, 19"

L 6000 expands the Digital 6000 and Digital 9000 series with a practical and intelligent charging station. Up to four modules can be fitted as needed with two charging ports each for bodypack or handheld transmitter batteries. Three-color LEDs simplify the quick overview of the charging status. Can also be controlled via WSM software.