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AKG CU400 | dobbel ladestasjon for WMS420/470, inkl 2 stk batterier

Charging unit for WMS420, WMS450 and WMS470 series transmitters

AKG CU800 | dobbel ladestasjon for DMS800

The charging unit CU800 has been designed specifically for use with the DMS800 wireless system.

Sennheiser CHARGING SET | ladekit for EW-D, 1 x L 70, 2 x BA 70, PSU

Set of L 70 USB charger and 2 BA 70 rechargeable battery packs for use with Evolution Wireless Digital bodypack transmitter SK and handheld transmitter SKM-S.

Sennheiser CHG 2N | Ladestasjon med 2 plasser for SK/SKM D1, SK/SKM AVX, SL DW, BA 10, BA 30, nettverk

The CHG 2N is a network enabled charger featuring two indiviual charging bays. These can either be used for the SL Bodypack DW or the SL Handheld DW. Each bay is combined with 4 LEDs to indicate the corresponding battery status of the mobile device.

Sennheiser CHG 2W | Ladestasjon med 2 plasser for SL Tablestand

The CHG 2W is a wireless power transmitter. It provides convenient wireless charging.

Sennheiser CHG 4N | Ladestasjon med 4 plasser for SL Handheld og SL Bodypack

The CHG 4N is a network enabled charger featuring four indiviual charging bays.