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Sennheiser SL C Mic 2 | TeamConnect retningsbestemt takmikrofon, Dante

Clear speech intelligibility has become an essential part of modern work styles, especially when conferencing with remote participants. Unlike other ceiling microphones on the market or device-integrated microphone solutions like those in laptops, TeamConnect Ceiling 2's unmistakable technology transmits your voice crystal clear to remote participants as if they were on the spot.

Sennheiser SL C Mic 2 | TeamConnect retningsbestemt takmikrofon, Dante, sort

TeamConnect Ceiling opens up new dimensions for meetings. Thanks to the automatic beamforming focus, the ceiling microphone gives the speaker an unprecedented freedom: He determines where he sits or stands during the meeting and can move flexibly - the microphone simply follows his voice in the room. TeamConnect Ceiling is ready to use after a single installation and fits almost invisibly into the space architecture and infrastructure. Connecting to videoconferencing systems is quick and easy - for even more effective and successful meetings.