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dbx 560A | Kompressor basert på 160A DBX-560A

  • Veil. 2 000,- kr eks. mva
  • 2 500,- kr inkl. mva

En kompressor/limiter basert på den legendariske 160, med hele 19 input LEDs, 12 gain reduction LEDs, mulighet for negativ ratio, patentert over-easy attack/release mode med mer.

With extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls and true RMS level detection providing the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, the 560A will provide punch to drums, bass, vocals, almost anything! It’s also versatile enough to go from subtle compression to "brick wall" peak limiting.

Choose low ratios and OverEasy compression to expertly smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels, or use the 560A's Hard Knee compression and high ratios for bombproof protection against overload distortion in digital recording, P.A. systems and broadcast signals.

The 560A's 19-segment, switchable Input/Output LEDs and 12-segment Gain Reduction LEDs provide precise analysis at a glance. And, the dbx 560A's unique "INFINITY +" inverse-compression mode actually decreases the audio output level below unity gain when the input exceeds threshold, a real lifesaver for correcting overbearing vocal choruses and controlling runaway mix levels.

Load up your 500 Series rack with some dbx 560A Compressor/Limiters and go to work.

Recommended for: Portable, Tour, Studio.


  • OverEasy® or classic hard knee compression with dbx’s ultra-musical program dependent attack and release times
  • Compression ratio variable from 1:1 through infinity:1 to -1:1
  • Precise RMS gain reduction and input/output meter displays with calibration control for different operating levels
  • True RMS level detection
  • Exclusive Infinity+ compression using negative ratio

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  • 2 000,- kr eks. mva
  • 2 500,- kr inkl. mva

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