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dbx 520 | De-esser DBX-520

  • Veil. 1 440,- kr eks. mva
  • 1 800,- kr inkl. mva

En de-esser basert på 902, med control range fra 800 Hz til 8 kHz, opptil 20 dB demping og 10 gain reduction LEDs.

The dbx 520 will help you expertly tame the excessive sibilance often found in vocals and other high frequency dense material. Based upon the legendary dbx 902, the dbx 520’s unique features make it possible to achieve an exact amount of de-essing regardless of variations in signal levels. The 520 allows you to create brilliant, crisp vocals without sibilance!

With its modular 500 Series based design, the dbx 520 examines the differences in dB between the high frequency and full-bandwidth portions of a signal, allowing de-essing of signals which change in level by as much as 60dB. It features a Frequency Control with range from 800Hz to 8kHz, Gain Reduction Metering and a De-essing Amount Range from 0dB to 20dB.

Control vocals, drums, percussive instruments and problematic material/reverb combinations with the dbx 520.

Recommended for: Portable, Tour, Studio.


  • Based on the classic dbx 902
  • Frequency Control Range from 800Hz to 8kHz
  • Expanded Scale LED Gain Reduction Metering
  • De-essing Amount Range from 0dB to 20dB
  • In/Out Switch
  • HF Mode Switch

Veiledende pris:

  • 1 440,- kr eks. mva
  • 1 800,- kr inkl. mva

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