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Mutec MC-1.2 MUT-8050-053

  • Veil. 3 300,- kr eks. mva
  • 4 125,- kr inkl. mva

USB-lydkort med AES3-AES3id-S/PDIF I/O. Strømforsynes via USB.

The MC-1.2 is a high-performance USB audio interface which converts from USB to AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signals, and vice versa.

  • Uni- and bi-directional signal conversions
  • Asynchronous USB operation
  • USB audio stream isolation and conversion to 5 digital audio interfaces
  • Low jitter audio clocks combined with ultra-low noise PCB design
  • Regenerates and improves USB audio streams
  • High-compatible USB audio class 2.0 driver for Windows supports ASIO, MME, DirectSound, WASAPI, Kernel Streaming, PCM 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit and Float-32Bit at all clock rates between 44.1kHz and 192.0kHz
  • Individual lock indicators for USB and the digital audio inputs
  • USB, AES/EBU, AES/EBUid and S/P-DIF interfaces in one box
  • Status bit analysis for the S/P-DIF inputs
  • S/P-DIF interconnections via BNC, RCA and optical interfaces
  • Input sampling rate indicators, separated for USB and the digital audio inputs
  • Bus-powered operation for mobile use
  • Built-in, international power supply
  • Available with aluminum- or black-colored front panel
  • Compatible with Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs

Veiledende pris:

  • 3 300,- kr eks. mva
  • 4 125,- kr inkl. mva

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