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Jünger 8ch Surround D*AP8 FLX Flex Audio Processor JUN-D-AP8 FLX

The D*AP8 FLX is based on the processing platform D*AP8 and designed as a software modular system to make the processing features offered by TAP Edition available to meet not only your requirement but also your budget.

The DAP8 FLX is based on the DAP8 processing platform and is basically an 8 channel hardware platform equipped with a true peak limiter as basis feature. If more processing functionality is required, a range of individual license based processing features may complement the processing platform and meet both your requirements and your budget.

Optional feature licenses:

License Level Magic II™ loudness management™

This optional feature contains the following functions: Transient Processor, Adaptive AGC and Distortion-free true peak limiter. Based on a unique multi-loop control principle, Jünger Audio’s Level Magic II™ algorithm offers adaptive wideband control with exceptionally high audio quality and without any coloration, pumping, distortion or modulation effects. Level Magic II™ is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations including ITU-BS.1770 standards (versions 1, 2 and 3) as well as recommended practices ATSC A/85 (2011/2013), ARIB TR-B32 Free TV OP-59, Portaria 354 and EBU R128.

License dynamics with compressor and expander

This optional feature contains and expander and an upward compressor.

License 5 band parametric EQ / Spectral Signature™ dynamic EQ

This optional feature contains the following functions: A five band full parametric EQ plus Jünger Audio’s Spectral Signature™. Spectral Signature™ dynamic equalizer gives you a powerful creative tool to control the spectral balance of your program. Spectral Signature™ analyzes incoming audio and compares its spectrum with a predetermined reference curve. This allows dynamic EQ corrections to be applied, if necessary, to achieve a consistent sound impression.

License fail over functionality

This optional feature contains a signal loss detection, Fail Over switching upmixed or downmixed program.

License voice over functionality

This optional feature contains a voice over mixing feature.

Loudness Logging

The optional Loudness Logger software allows for long term program logging and analysis. System Integration All system parameters are remotely accessible allowing the unit to be integrated and remotely operated by broadcast control systems. This helps users to apply individual processing to their programs, which is a key feature for well-managed loudness control.

Web Configuration

A web interface allows easy and intuitive setup and configuration anywhere in your network.

Interfaces and System Security

Audio I/Os range from onboard AES I/O to optional 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O including video delay and analog I/O. All combined I/O interfaces support power fail bypass as standard. With redundant PSU and SNMP integration the unit ensures maximum operational safety.

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