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Soundcraft Si MADI Cat5 kort SOU-SiMADI Cat5

  • Veil. 5 770,- kr eks. mva
  • 7 212,50 kr inkl. mva

The MADI I/O card can establish a 64-channel MADI input and output to a remote device such as stage rack, another console or Broadcast feed to an OB.

Optical inputs and outputs are provided on SC connectors available in multi-mode versions only. The auxiliary interface can be used as a redundant link.

A toggle switch allows the card to be switched from 64ch to 56ch mode for compatibility with older MADI devices.

NOTE: Stagebox compatibility with any given console depends on the console series and software running on that console. Please refer to the latest user manual for the Mini Stagebox or similar accessory to which you wish to connect.

NOTE: The Si MADI HD variant cards must not be installed in consoles.


  • Max. cable length single-mode fibre 1300 nm <15 km 8.3/125μm
  • Max. cable length multi-mode fibre 1300 nm <2 km 62.5/125μm (compatible with 50/125μm)
  • Max cable length of Soundcraft supplied CAT5 cable 100m
  • Input frequencies 48 kHz ±3 ppm
  • Current consumption (3.3 V) 0.4A
  • (5 V) 0.4A
  • Operating temperature 0...45° C

Switch Settings

Input Switches Settings:

  • CH IN 1-8 – MADI channels 1-8 feed expansion bus inputs 1-8
  • CH IN 9-16 – MADI channels 9-16 feed expansion bus inputs 9-16
  • CH IN 17-32 – MADI channels 17-32 feed expansion bus inputs 17-32
  • CH IN 33-64 – MADI channels 33-64 feed expansion bus inputs 33-64

Output Switches Settings:
The switches have no function; all expansion bus outputs feed MADI channels 1-64

Veiledende pris:

  • 5 770,- kr eks. mva
  • 7 212,50 kr inkl. mva

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