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Soundcraft Si Dante kort SOU-SiDante

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  • 11 275,- kr inkl. mva

The Soundcraft® DANTE™ card is a 64 x 64 interface between an Si series console*1 and any Dante compatible device from Harman or other third-party manufacturer.

Dante provides a digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols over both 100Mbps and 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Dante uses audio-independent, high accuracy network synchronization standards to ensure all Dante devices are synchronized at all times. Dante runs on inexpensive off the shelf computer networking hardware, and does not require dedicated network infrastructure.

The Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard software allows connection of a PC/Mac to a Dante audio network. This system allows the computer to record from and playback to the Dante network using most common DAW packages.

Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with the Dante network; no special hardware is required other than installing Dante Virtual Soundcard software.

Additional information about the DANTE system including the latest software set-up and tools may be found on the Audinate® web site

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  • 9 020,- kr eks. mva
  • 11 275,- kr inkl. mva

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