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Soundcraft Si AVIOM kort SOU-SiAviom16

  • Veil. 14 220,- kr eks. mva
  • 17 775,- kr inkl. mva

This card allows implementing the head of an AVIOM® A-Net Pro-16 chain, with this standard, 16 mono signals can be fed to an infinite number of AVIOM® personal mixers (such as the A-16 II) may be connected in a daisy chain configuration; The Si A-Net card will be the start of the chain and provide the audio and synchronization data to the chain.

DIP switches on the front panel allow grouping two adjacent channels to one stereo channel and generating a test tone.

This card works at sampling frequencies of 44.1 or 48 kHz only.

For more information on AVIOM® visit their web site

Input Switch Settings:

  • CH IN 1-8 – No function, set to ‘OFF’
  • CH IN 9-16 – No function, set to ‘OFF’
  • CH IN 17-32 – No function, set to ‘OFF’
  • CH IN 33-64 – No function, set to ‘OFF’

Output Switch Settings:

  • CH OUT 8 – Expansion bus outputs 1-8 feed AVIOM® outputs 1-8
  • CH OUT 9-16 – Expansion bus outputs 9-16 feed AVIOIM® outputs 9-16
  • CH OUT 17-32 – Expansion bus outputs 17-24 feed AVIOM® outputs 1-16
  • CH OUT 33-64 – Expansion bus outputs 33-40 feed AVIOM® outputs 1-16

Operating temperature 0...40° C

Veiledende pris:

  • 14 220,- kr eks. mva
  • 17 775,- kr inkl. mva

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